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VirtualShop FAQ

What’s special about VirtualShop and how do I access it?

VirtualShop is an online shop that sells various Electronics & Computers products. VirtualShop provides users with the convenience of paying for services from the comfort of your home or wherever internet access is available saving you time and money.  To access, any user can visit our website on, irrespective of geographical locations and time zones. You can also pay for or purchase services for a friend or family.

I’m encountering some problem with the service, what should I do?

As the case for any ecommerce website, you may come across minor issues/errors such as network failure and website issues. You may contact VirtualShop by dialing our helpline on 801-123-4567 or sending an email to

When will I receive my purchased items?

Provided all your purchase information is correctly entered, your preferred bank has validated and debited your account; all products should instantly be made available.
Depending on the selected service, you should receive a confirmation message through either SMS and/or an email which will indicate your transaction status. However, in the unlikely circumstance that items are not received or are not as specified on our portal, please contact helpline on 801-123-4567 or send an email to for assistance and we’ll revert to you within 1 business day.

Security is my main concern when using any online services. How secure is this service?

Similar to using a point of sales (POS) at a retail store, no card details are captured by VirtualShop as a merchant. All transactions are handled directly between you and your bank, through highly secure payment gateways.
Using the industry’s latest and most secure technology, all data are automatically encrypted as it transits to and from your device; providing you with the most secure and safest online shopping experience commercially available.
NB: At no particular instance will VirtualShop request for your electron card details or bank account information. The entry of card details is processed by secured payment gateway and not by the VirtualShop. Any query related to electron Card security or fraud concerned will be handled and governed by the terms and conditions of your agreement with your issuing bank. To ensure you don't encounter any problem when using the online services, ensure that you have the latest browser version installed. For additional information please contact your respective bank.
You can also visit our Purchase security section.

How do I pay for a product on the VirtualShop?

The VirtualShop service supports both VISA and MasterCard, two of the most used electron cards in the world. VirtualShop also supports PayPal, a popular mode of payment with extended security for online purchases.
NB: Some banks may have restrictions for online use of their electron cards. Please verify with your issuing bank for details regarding your card.
You can also visit our Payments Methods section.

Are there any commissions or additional fee associated with the VirtualShop service?

Apart from shiping cost and "Cash on delivery" fee, VirtualShop does not charge any other commission or additional fees for any items purchased via the VirtualShop website. However please ensure that you check with your bank to see if there are any bank charges related to your accounts for online transactions.
For more information please refer to our Shipping and Delivery section.

How can I keep a record of all my transactions?

You will notice a contact number and an email field on the customer detail section on the VirtualShop portal. If the two fields have been filled, the transaction confirmation will be sent to the contacts provided. We will also present you a receipt of your transaction which can be downloaded in PDF format.
Click here to download the latest version of adobe reader.

If I do not fill in some of the information on the “Customer Details” section screen, what are the implications?

Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*) and you cannot proceed further unless they are filled. Although other fields can be left blank, we will however recommend completing them for easy follow-up on queries and for you to receive your transaction confirmation(s).

What is your refund policy?

Numerous checkpoints and validations are included to ensure you enter the correct information and value for your purchase. You are also given the opportunity to amend or correct the information you have entered before you commit to the transaction.

Therefore only under special circumstances we will consider refund requests on a case by case basis. For example:

  1. Purchased product or service is not delivered as specified.
  2. Technical problem on the VirtualShop network affecting the service for an extended period.
  3. other circumstances beyond VirtualShop’ control